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Cllr Kenn GriffithsCllr Kenn Griffiths – Chairman                        Tel – 07831 612688

I became a Parish Councillor in 2015. This is my second appointment as a member of Werrington Parish Council my first was way back in the early 2000’s.

I have lived and worked in Werrington for more than 30 years including running successful businesses employing local people where ever possible. I have recently developed the Werrington Anti-Social Behaviour Hub and continue to look at ways to improve the village, keep our rural outlook and make sure that the resident’s voice is heard and leads the Parish Council decision making. I consider that my experience over the years can and does benefit the Parish:

‘An investigative, intelligence and dispute resolution professional Kenn has been internationally deployed as an investigator, trouble shooter, independent social worker and contact consultant for more than thirty years. His work has taken him into many difficult and dangerous situations. He has worked as an undercover and intelligence operative and continues to use his unique skills to bring about positive conclusions for high profile clients.

Kenn has commendations from H.M. Forces Army, the High Court and letters of commendation and bravery from the Police and Prison Service.’


Cllr T McNicol PicCllr Tony McNicol – Vice Chairman         Tel – 01782 304194

My Grandfather came to live in Washerwall Lane in 1908, and my family have lived in Werrington ever since.  I was born in the bungalow in Draw-Well Lane where I still live. I attended Wetley Rocks Infants School, and then Moorside High.

I have served on the Parish Council, Village Hall Committee, and School Board of Governors all at the same time, and was Chairman of all three for five years (no one has ever been chairman of all three, let alone at the same time and for five years).  I have served on Werrington Parish Council since 1991, and been its chairman on eight occasions, (once for five years in succession).

I served on the Werrington School board of governors for ten years and was Chairman for six years.  I have been a member of the Village Hall Management Committee since 1991 and was Chairman for twelve years.  I have been a District Councillor for the Cellarhead/Windmill ward since 2003 and had the honour of being Chairman of  Staffordshire Moorlands District Council in 2008/09.

I have served the people of Werrington faithfully for all those years, and hope to continue doing so.  I have only missed two Council meeting in 27 years.  I am involved in many volunteer groups, including helping to run a youth club, planting flowers around Werrington, and I am involved with the Library and Wellbeing Centre, plus many other volunteer groups, trying to make Werrington a better place to live.

I can be contacted on the above number or by email at


Picture of Jean Fryer for WebsiteCllr Jean Fryer                  Tel – 01782 304890

I was born in Nottingham and educated at Sutton-in-Ashfield Girls’ Grammar School.  I then moved to London where my 3 children were born.  I worked at Nottingham and Shoreditch, County Courts before moving to Werrington in 1972.  I attended Madeley College 1975 -78 and became an Art Teacher at various High Schools around the area, running my own department before retiring.  I am involved in many community activities in Werrington and became a Parish Councillor in 2008.


Cllr LisCllr Martin Pica Martin               Tel – 01782 305575 / 07929 762142

I have lived in Werrington since I was 6 years old and attended the local schools here.  I have worked within the community since I was 18, listening to peoples’ concerns and doing my best to help them.  Most of my Parish Council duties are done through my work, and this has worked very well over the years.  I have been involved with many projects in Werrington and feel blessed to live here.  I can be contacted at the above numbers or by email at


J Morrison picCllr Jocelyn Morrison       Tel: 01782 303192

I have lived in Werrington for over 40 years and have been a Parish Councillor for about 20 years. I am a past Chairman of both the Parish Council and the District Council. I am a retired Ward Sister and worked at the City General Hospital. I am a member of several community groups as well as a governor of both Werrington Primary and Moorside High Schools.


Cllr A Shipley PicCllr Annette Shipley    Tel: 07809 613687

My family moved to Werrington when I was 5 and I attended local schools. At the age of 21, I graduated from North Staffordshire University and soon after moved to London to work for the NSPCC and the public sector. I was also an elected councillor in East London for many years, where I lived gaining a great deal of insight and experience of local government and how to work collaboratively to achieve the best outcomes for communities and people.

I moved back to Werrington 6 years ago having set up and run for 22 years a successful employee owned energy business in the North East of England. I have for the last 8 years run my own business supporting the growth and innovation efforts of both National and Staffordshire based companies. I have been described by one Top 20 Staffordshire company as ‘a very effective business leader and professional that sets a great example to all around her….leading a change programme at our business that has centred around increased communication, involvement and inclusivity to improve engagement and ownership’. Empowering people to be more involved and participate in that which affects their lives – at home or at work – is something very dear to my heart.

Finally, I am committed to finding new and better ways to listen to and reflect the voice of the people of Werrington and to effectively enable the best outcomes for our village in the face of challenging times. I am the Vice Chair of the Malthouse Committee and want to see this become a jewel in our crown and the envy of other Parishes.


Howard RylandsCllr Howard Rylands                 – 07976 640450

I have lived in Werrington for the majority of my life and currently live on Ash Bank with my wife and two children. Both our children attended both of the local schools and my wife volunteers at Werrington Library and Wellbeing Centre and helps with other projects and events in the Parish.  I am Managing Director of a successful shop fitting company and have overseen the completion of multi-million pound projects in the commercial, leisure and residential sectors.

I have been an active member of the Parish Council since 2012. During this time I was at the forefront of the purchase of Werrington Parish Sports Ground (formally Malthouse Playing Fields). I am the Chairman of the Malthouse Committee who has the responsibility of managing Werrington Parish Sports Ground. This facility has enabled grass roots football to return to Werrington. Werrington Wasps was formed as a branch of Leek Lads and Dads and there are now U6s U7s and Two U8s junior football teams using the ground together with Windmill FC adult’s team. I am the Chairman of the Werrington Wasps Club and manager of the U7s team.  In my role of Parish Councillor for the Werrington Windmill Ward I am also in charge of the Meigh Road Playing Fields.

I look forward to serving the residents of Werrington for many years to come. Should you wish to contact me to discuss any issues please do so via email at

Cllr Nigel Meakin                         – 07738 147863

Cllr Jeremy Fryer                         – 07894 105419

Cllr Doreen Jones                        –

Cllr Jean McNicol                        – 01782 304194

Cllr Barbara Hughes                  – 01782 302497

Cllr Jean Hodgetts                      – 01782 303355

Cllr Geoff Lowndes                   – 01782 305151


Clerk to the Parish Council

The current Clerk is Zoe Grindey, who started with the Parish Council on 1st December 2017.  Zoe works 20 hours per week and can be contacted using the ‘Contact Us’ page or any of the following:


Tel: 07775 328903

Post: 84a Danebower Road, Trentham, Stoke-on-Trent, ST4 8TJ