Street Volunteers

During these unprecedented times, we as a community need to ensure that our most vulnerable residents are well looked after.  This means making sure that each and everyone of us takes precautions for limiting the spread of this virus.

The Parish Council are asking if residents could nominate one or two people per street, or part of street, to keep an eye on the vulnerable people of that street and co-ordinate the efforts.  This could be as simple as identifying any vulnerable people and checking on them on a regular basis, to ensure that they are okay or are in need of anything.  We are aware of other support activities taking place in the village, and hope to feed into these where possible.

Anybody wishing to volunteer themselves as a Street Volunteer should contact the Clerk at [email protected], or by using the Contact Us page of the website, giving details of their name, address, contact number and which street/streets they wish to volunteer for.  The register will be held by the Clerk for the purposes of the Coronavirus outbreak only, and information will only be shared for the purposes of operating the Street Volunteers.

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