Public Meeting – 6th September

There will be a public meeting on Monday 6th September at 7.30pm in the Village Hall.  This meeting is to discuss any additional things that can be done to mitigate any potential issues arising as the result of the installation of a pump track in Meigh Road playing fields.

This meeting is NOT an opportunity to object to the pump track.

Some of the suggested ideas are:

  • Trees to be planted at the bottom of the playing fields to screen some of the noise, prevent people entering the park through other’s gardens, and help with the drainage.
  • Entrances to the park to have lockable gates, or to be blocked off completely, so that the park can be locked at night.
  • Increased PCSO/Police presence at the park, especially for the first few months of the pump track opening.
  • More litter bins to be installed, particularly around the pump track.
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