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Dangers of Unsupervised Open Water Swimming

Staffordshire Police are warning people not to swim in open water as they enjoy the warm weather. It follows a number of reports about people swimming in lakes reservoirs and other water sources over the past few days. Staffordshire Police are appealing to parents to warn their children about the

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Attempted Distraction Burglary

Staffordshire Police wish to inform you of an attempted distraction burglary that occurred in Endon recently. This could happen anywhere, so please ensure you keep your property secure and valuables out of view to passers-by. A general distraction technique is to keep you talking at the front door, whilst someone

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Annual Audit 2021/22

The annual accounts for 2021/22 have been submitted to the external auditor for review.  Copies of the unaudited documents can be found on our Audit Reviews page.  The Notice of the Exercise of Public Rights, and Summary of Public Rights can also be found on this page.

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