Full Council

The Parish Council hold their full council meetings at 7pm in the Village Hall on the 2nd Monday of each month (except for August when there is no meeting).  In order for a meeting to legally take place, a minimum of 5 Councillors must be in attendance, otherwise the council is deemed inquorate and the meeting must be cancelled and rescheduled if possible.

Next Meeting

The next full meeting of the Parish Council will be on Monday 13th May 2024, at 7pm.  This meeting will include the Annual Meeting of the Council, where a new Chair and Vice Chair will be appointed, along with various other roles.  The Annual Parish Meeting will precede this meeting at 6pm.


The agenda will be available nearer to the time.


A copy of the minutes from each meeting will be made available below once approved at the following full council meeting. Click on the relevant date to view or download the minutes.  Payment Schedules for each month are also provided where available.


           Minutes                                       Payment Schedule/Additional  Info
Minutes 11th March 2024Payment Schedule Mar 24
Minutes 12th February 2024Payment Schedule Feb 24
Minutes 8th January 2024Budget & Precept Setting meeting  Approved Budgets 2024-25
Minutes 8th January 2024Payments Schedule Jan 24
Minutes 11th December 2023Payment Schedule Dec 23
Minutes 13th November 2023Payment Schedule Nov 23
Minutes 9th October 2023Payment Schedule Oct 23
Minutes 11th September 2023Payment Schedule Sep 23
August 2023No meeting held in August
Minutes 10th July 2023Payment Schedule Jul 23
Minutes 30th June 2023Additional meeting to sign off the annual audit
Minutes 12th June 2023 
Minutes AMC 15th May 2023Included in the Annual Meeting of the Council
Minutes 17th April 2023Payment Schedule not available



13th March 2023Payment Schedule Mar 23
13th February 2023Payment Schedule Feb 23
31st January 2023Budgets & Precept Meeting
9th January 2023Meeting inquotate
12th December 2022Meeting cancelled due to illness
14th November 2022Payment Schedule Nov 22
10th October 2022Payment Schedule – Oct 22
26th September 2022Payments Schedule – Sep 22
12th September 2022Meeting cancelled due to death of HM The Queen
11th July 2022Payment Schedule – Jul 22
13th June 2022Payment Schedule – Jun 22
9th May 2022Meeting cancelled due to restrictions
11th April 2022Payment Schedule – Apr 22


14th March 2022Payment Schedule – Mar 22
14th February 2022Payment Schedule – Feb 22
10th January 2022Payment Schedule – Jan 22
13th December 2021Meeting cancelled due to Covid
8th November 2021Payment Schedule – Nov 21
11th October 2021Payment Schedule – Oct 21
13th September 2021Payment Schedule – Sep 21
26th July 2021Payment Schedule – Jul 21
21st June 2021Extra Ordinary meeting to sign off audit
14th June 2021Meeting cancelled due to restrictions
4th May 2021Payment Schedule May 21
12th April 2021No payment schedule available


8th March 2021Payment Schedule Mar 21
8th February 2021Payment Schedule Feb 21
11th January 2021Payment Schedule Jan 21
14th December 2020Payment Schedule Dec 20
7th December 2020Budget & Precept Meeting    Agreed Budgets 2021-22
9th November 2020Payment Schedule Nov 20
12th October 2020Payment Schedule Oct 20
14th September 2020Payment Schedule Sep 20
27th July 2020Payment Schedule Jul 20
8th June 2020Payment Schedule Jun 20
4th May 2020Payment Schedule May 20


9th March 2020Payment Schedule Mar 20
10th February 2020Payment Schedule Feb 20
13th January 2020Payment Schedule Jan 20
7th January 2020Budget & Precept Setting Meeting
9th December 2019Payment Schedule Dec 19
18th November 2019Meeting to review Standing Orders and Financial Regulations
11th November 2019Payment Schedule Nov 19
14th October 2019Payment Schedule Oct 19
9th September 2019Payments Schedule Sep 19
4th August 2019Emergency meeting to co-opt new Councillors.
8th July 2019Meeting cancelled due to being inquorate
10th June 2019Payment Schedule Jun 19
13th May 2019Meeting cancelled due to being inquorate
8th April 2019Payment Schedule Apr 19   |  Year End Report


11th March 2019 
7th March 2019Extraordinary meeting
11th February 2019 
14th January 2019 
11th December 2018Budget and Precept Setting meeting
10th December 2018 
12th November 2018 
8th October 2018 
10th September 2018 
9th July 2018 
11th June 2018 
14th May 2018 
9th April 2018 


12th March 2018 
12th February 2018 
8th January 2018 
11th December 2017 
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