A Word from the new Chairman

FCllr Griffiths as Chairman Picirstly, Werrington Parish Council has been confidently moving forward under the Chair of Cllr Nigel Meakin and I want to thank him for his past efforts and look forward to his support from hereon in.

Secondly, I want to publicly acknowledge and thank my fellow Councillors and the Parish Council Clerk for the sterling work they continue to carry out on behalf of our community.

Thirdly I want to thank them all for having the confidence in my ability by unanimously voting for me to take the helm of Werrington Parish Council for the next 12 months.

I’ve obviously given my appointment some thought and want to share with you my vision for the duration of my term.

At the outset I do intend to continue with the initiative to professionalise WPC and ensure that ALL matters are correctly debated, decided and recorded in a transparent and open manner. With this in mind; I want to make it clear that I expect each of the Councillors to respect the office we hold and likewise respect the office of our colleagues, even if we do not like the individual or corporate decision!

Obviously, I will oversee and be involved with the day to day office of Chair and support all the areas of responsibility and officers of WPC and honour long standing commitments.


• I will be encouraging Councillor’s, volunteers and employees to attend training sessions to further develop the skills needed to deliver a first class service.

• I am committed to developing a robust Neighbourhood Plan.

• I want to build a positive profile of WPC in our community and encourage much more cooperation and liaison with our residents, businesses, local voluntary groups and organisations.  To this end I will be investigating any allegations of corruption or misrepresentation and will insist on evidenced based accusations.

• I am going to remain on the Malthouse Committee both to support the team and to oversee the continuing development.

Kenn Griffiths.
07831 612688.