A Word from the new Chair

Cllr A Shipley PicOur slow start to the year is frustrating but that hasn’t deterred us from moving things forward.  We continue to pave the way to move forward quickly with our plans and to continue the work of our previous council.

The Parish Council has confidently moved forward under our previous Chair, Cllr Kenn Griffiths, and I want to thank him for his past efforts and look forward to his continued support in the future.  Furthermore, I would like to publicly acknowledge and thank my fellow Councillors and the Clerk for the sterling work they continue to carry out on behalf of our community.  I also want to thank them all for having the confidence in my ability by unanimously voting for me to take the Parish Council forward for the next 12 months.  It is something I look forward to and to engaging more and more with our community.

I intend to continue with the initiative to professionalise the Council and ensure that ALL matters are correctly debated, decided and recorded in a transparent and open manner.  I want our Parish Council to be an example of best practice.

Local democracy is something I have been committed to for the last 35 years, and with this in mind, will continue to develop better and stronger connections with the residents of Werrington.  I want to see improved 2-way mechanisms in place so that residents can have their say and we can then take this into consideration when making decisions.  Whether people are able to attend council meetings or not, I want them to be able to share their views and be heard.

Finance, as for all the public sector, continues to be a challenge.  However this year I want to see the development of facilities at Meigh Road playing fields, and will move these plans forward at our next meeting.  In doing this, I will continue to consult with and involve interested parties as best we can, so please be ready to get involved.

We have some exciting plans for Werrington Sports Ground with work to improve the grounds planned to be undertaken this year.  We are looking to put in place a new structure to formally manage the facilities, which will ensure long-term local involvement.  I want to see this is formalised and better serves the interests of our community.

I am committed to developing a robust Neighbourhood Plan.

I will oversee and be involved with the day to day office of Chair and support all the areas of responsibility and officers of the Parish Council, and honour long-standing commitments.

Please do not hesitate to contact me should you wish to raise any matter with me or any of my other Councillors.

Best regards

Cllr Annette Shipley – Chair

Tel: 07809 613687